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System Requirements

  • Windows 10

Tweet Archivist Desktop


Distributed by the Microsoft Store, Tweet Archivist Desktop is a Windows application that helps you archive tweets for later data-mining and analysis. Start a search with Tweet Archivist and it will get as many results as it can. Then, leave Tweet Archivist running and it will poll Twitter for that search as frequently as once every five minutes. Ideal for acquiring datasets for academic research.

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Download a sample of the JSON or Excel output from the tool.



Tweet Archivist Desktop polls Twitter as frequently as once every five minutes. Perfect for high volume Twitter traffic. 

Tweet Archivist Desktop saves the extended metadata for your search as .json. Click here for a sample of the output.



Export your saved tweets to a tab delimited text file and view the information in Excel. From there, run charts, graphs, or other analysis on the tweets and discover trends.

Or, access the entirety of the JSON metadata.



Tweet Archivist Desktop comes with visualizations to show you the Tweet volume over time, top users and a language breakdown. Also, by exporting archives to Excel, you can run rich visualizations.